Join the Food Truck Scene!

Food trucks are quickly replacing the traditional brick and mortar restaurant as the choice for new entrepreneurs getting into the business. It's easy to see why: the start-up costs are often lower, and most importantly, food trucks allow the restauranteur to come to the customers, rather than relying on a single, static location that's largely dependent on its convenience for patrons. Food trucks also allow a complete change of venue - a move to another state or across the country - for owners who may not have permanent roots where they currently live.

In his helpful article at Fit Small Business, veteran entrepreneur Edward Daciuk details nine steps to making your food truck dreams a reality. We'll briefly list the steps here, but for more information, please read his excellent article.

Step 1: Research Your Target Market

Step 2: Choose a Food Truck Concept & Name

Step 3: Create a Business Plan

Step 4: Design Your Menu Board

Step 5: Figure Out How to Fund Your Food Truck Business

Step 6: Get Your Truck, Insure It, and Outfit It 

Step 7: Get Your Licenses and Registrations

Step 8: Design Your Logo & Wrap Your Truck

Step 9: Market Your Food Truck


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